Soothe Your Skin with the Right Moisturiser

Everyone has used moisturiser in their lifetime, and most, especially younger men and women, believe they don’t need it until their skin begins to show irritation. Whether you buy it in a jar or a tube, you should apply the cream once or twice a day. A little-known secret is that lotion can only work so hard on its own, and if used incorrectly, is about as useless as that bottle of vitamins you bought and left to collect dust. Just a few small changes to your morning and evening routine will make all the difference in the health of your skin. In order to get the most out of your moisturiser, boost the hydration of your skin and prevent flaking and dullness, consider these simple tips.

Consider Your Skin Type

Your skin is unique to you, and you should make sure your moisturiser has your best interest at heart. If you have dry, flaky skin and the usual moisturiser was not enough to treat it, you may need to research ointments such as Dermeze. These are clinically proven products capable of rejuvenating your dry or cracked skin over time. The ability to moisturise is, naturally, the first thing you should look for when buying a moisturiser. Look at the humectants, which are imperative for a long lasting lotion, such as glycerine, hyaluronic acid, and propylene glycol. Your moisturiser need only have one of these ingredients to be effective, so don’t worry if you find only one on the ingredient list.

Layer Complementary Products

As with the product previously mentioned, there are a number of variants available with the idea that you should utilise them at once and in a specific order. Start with the thinnest consistency and work up to the thickest consistency. Think of it as a painting. If you start with your deepest, richest colours and move to the lightest, the darker colours take over the light and dull them. Instead, lay down your most vibrant, clear colours first, and then follow them with the thicker, bolder paint. With moisturiser, Serums first, then oils, and finally, creams. This is to create the optimised effect and increase the amount of product your skin absorbs.

A Change of Season is not a Call to War

Your routine worked all year long to protect your skin from the hottest days of the summer, so why should the cooler months mean a change must be made? If the cooler months are overly harsh on your skin in spite of your routine, a thicker lotion is your best choice rather than a new routine altogether. Remember the importance of layered products and how much better hydration is with a series of products on your side. There are entire skin care lines available to combat even the driest of skin and bring the natural beauty of your face to the forefront. It is never too late to boost the healthy glow of your skin, so take a look online and research products designed with you in mind.